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We offer the best in vintage jewelry for every age.  I have always been in love with jewelry and the sparkle and bling factor it provides,  no matter if it is real or costume.  I blame my beautiful Grandmother born in 1907 pictured to the right,  I believe she was 15 when this photograph was taken, on her wedding day, very classy lady that I adored.  As a child,  I couldn′t wait to go to my grandmother′s house to prowl in her jewelry boxes and see whatever fabulous new jewels she had added to her collection.  So,  being blessed with the OLSS (Oh-Look-Something-Shiny) gene,  I had little choice but to continue the family tradition and pursue all things sparkly.

We are located in the Land of Enchantment,  just above New Mexico′s largest lake at Elephant Butte,  which also happens to be near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  We New Mexicans love colorful skies,  landscapes and,  yes,  even place names.  It′s part of our charm.

We hope you enjoy visiting our social media sites as well as our Etsy Store.  We put great effort into only listing high quality and attractive vintage jewelry.  Sparkly is good, but items must have quality and desirability to make it on our collections.   Inquiries are always welcome using our Contact Shop Owner button on our Etsy Shop page..

Rhinestones Past Logo